Heirloom seeds are favorites among gardeners. Here are some tips about choosing and buying the best.

When choosing heirloom seeds, it is best to buy from companies that have harvested Organic Heirloom Seeds that have not been exposed to GMO crops from large industrial farms.

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Watch amazing video on page 2 about how to best organize and store your heirloom seeds

For this reason, it is best not to purchase from large companies that harvest bulk seeds orders from large farms. Many of these can be found on seed racks in shopping areas such as grocery stores.

Instead, purchase heirloom seeds from individual sources that have quality, but fewer stocks.

Source: Mother Earth News


Some advantages to buying heirloom seeds are that they are cheaper than most other seed varieties. They are also open pollinated and true to seed favorites that have been passed down through generations. This means that what you plant is what you get.

Because they are stable and have proven themselves over many years, they are often most Resistant to Disease.

Open pollinated seeds are essentially the opposite of hybrids and reproduce relatively “true to form.” Offspring from the seeds of the parents resemble the plants originally sown.

This makes seed saving easier. Aside from being thrifty, saving seed builds up local genetic diversity and beneficial adaptations.

Seed saving can be easy or tricky, depending on the plant; for the best results, always start with “open-pollinated” seeds rather than hybrids.

If you are looking strictly for Organic Seeds, here’s a word of warning before buying.

Generally, buying organic seeds is a great idea. Beware, however of a new marketing niche being exploited by large industrial seed companies: “organic hybrids.”

Keep in mind when purchasing them, seed saving will be difficult (although not impossible). An important point to remember is that we have lost up to 96% of the plant diversity available to farmers since the turn of the last century.

Most of what is left is not yet certified organic. Never let the organic label keep you from bringing new diversity into your garden.

Grow it organically yourself, save the seeds, and you’ve added another variety to the organic seed world.

Here are some heirloom seeds we recommend that are safe from GMOs.

1.Organic Gardener’s Kit for Emergency and Survival | 11,000 Seeds 30 Vegetable Fruit Variety

This Organic Gardener’s Kit for Emergency and Survival comes with full planting and harvesting instructions, so you can’t go wrong with when to plant and harvest from seeds to produce.

They are organic, heirloom, non-GMO seeds that come in a waterproof bag, making a great gift idea. The mylar bag also extends the shelf life to over 20 years.

You get enough seeds to plant over one acre of food and the seeds are tested and guaranteed for germination, packaged with germination rate, purity, and date.

Organic heirloom seeds are grown in small Organic Gardens making them safe and protected from any GMO cross pollination.

2. 13,400 Seed Lot – 33 Vegetable & Fruit Variety Pack – Survival Non-GMO Varieties

You get 3/4 of an acre worth of food with this 33 Vegetable and Fruit Variety Pack-Survival Non – GMO Varieties. The shelf life is impressive: 5 years, or 10 years if frozen. So you never have to run out of food.

These seeds are completely organic, which means no GMOs. It’s the perfect survival seed pack, even for a large family or for extended families.

They are heirloom varieties grown in open pollination, so what you get will be true to seed. They are harvested for optimal Sustainable Organic survival gardening.

3. [Ultimate] Emergency Survival Garden Vegetable Seeds Nom-GMO Heirloom Seed Bank Pack Set

These are labor intensive harvested seeds from 2014. They are fresh and come with a 5 year (10 years if frozen) shelf life, enough for 3/4 of an acre. These organic, non-GMO, heirloom seeds are for every gardener’s survival emergency seed storage kit.

The [Ultimate] Emergency Survival Garden Vegetable Seeds Set is one of the freshest emergency survival seed sets on the market.

The seeds come in double water tight packaging for optimal long-term storage. You could literally pass these seeds down to multiple generations and they’d still produce fresh vegetables for years to come.

As you choose and buy your heirloom seeds, remember to store them properly and put them in order so you can easily access what you want to plant first. Find out more about this on page 2.


Watch amazing video on page 2 about how to best organize and store your heirloom seeds