Insanely Easy to Grow Microgreens Harvested in Just 7 Days Indoors

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How would you like to have a harvest of microgreens all year round right in your own kitchen? Learn how now and start growing tonight.

What are microgreens and how do you grow them? Are there special microgreen seeds? This post will answer these questions and many more so that you can become an expert grower of Healthy Microgreens.


Watch quick tutorial video on page 2 on growing microgreens in 7 days!

Although some seed companies offer mixes designated as microgreens, there’s no such thing as a “microgreen seed.” They aren’t grown using some special, almost magical seed that will grow a plant that’s only about three inches in height. Instead, microgreens can be grown from nearly any seed, since they represent the first stage of growth of a plant.

These initial leaves, called cotyledons, of a seedling give way eventually to a plant’s “true leaves,” and from there the growth truly begins into vegetable, herb, or fruit.

If you leave your microgreens and do not harvest them, they will need to be transplanted because they will turn into the mature Organic Plant.

Source: Mother Earth Living


Microgreens are full of nutrition and they have the flavor of the mature plant, so broccoli microgreens taste like broccoli. Many people like to add them to salads or sandwiches. You can also make a complete salad out of microgreens, stir fry them, use them in soups, and so on. Cooks love them and so do raw vegan life-stylers as well.

There’s a reason microgreens are catching on quickly. According to a recent study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, microgreens can have up to forty times more nutrients than mature plants, ounce for ounce.

Their nutritional density depends on the type of microgreen, but all seem lush with nutrients. Considering how easy it would be to slip some micros into a kid’s meal for an extra nutrient boost, keeping a small tray going in a kitchen garden makes sense.

Most of all, though, there’s the flavor. A single, slender beet microgreen only as long as a fingertip, for example, can taste like a fully grown beet. Mustard and radish microgreens are far spicier than many people might expect, and carrot microgreens carry the fresh, sweet flavor of just-harvested vegetables.

Also, when kept in glass containers in the refrigerator, micros can last for up to two weeks, and still maintain their punch.

They are super easy to grow indoors and are great for beginners and more mature Organic Growers alike.

Microgreen Seeds

Although most seeds can grow into microgreens, there are some choices that make more sense than others. Melons or squash, for example, produce thick and chewy cotyledons that don’t taste particularly tempting. Daikon radish or purple kohlrabi, though, are both particularly flavorful and provide pretty micros. Here are some guidelines for choosing well:

Personal taste: Those fond of strong, spicy flavors should gravitate to mustards, arugula, radishes, cress, and other zesty greens. If a milder taste is preferred, stick with options like chard, basil, cabbage, or carrot. Imagine the full flavor of a vegetable whittled down to a sliver, and that should determine your choice.

Some microgreens germinate quickly, within a few days, while others might take a few weeks. As a rule, if you are growing a mixture together, it is best to grow fast growing seeds together so you can harvest them at the same time.

Microgreens give a visual treat as well, from dark greens to dark reds. Experimenting with what is visually appealing is a fun and nutritious way to get great microgreens into your Everyday Food.

Please note that you should not pay any more for the seeds that may be marked as ‘microgreen seeds’ than you would pay for mircrogreens2regular seeds, so keep a look out for scams.





Watch quick tutorial video on page 2 on growing microgreens in 7 days!

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